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“Bitcoin is the peaceful solution to a destructive monetary paradigm. Education is the way forward.”

-Brian Dean Nibley

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Meet Brian Dean Nibley

My journey with Bitcoin began in 2013, and my journey with copywriting began four years later in 2017.

Both have had a tremendous impact on my life and have allowed me to positively contribute to the lives of others.

My purpose is to help people and organizations achieve their marketing goals and educate their audience. In my view, when it comes to education, Bitcoin is the most important topic to help others

Each year, we see central banks debasing our currency through inflation caused by expanding the money supply. In the past and the present, we’ve seen traditional banks fail, resulting in excruciating losses for businesses and individuals.

Sometimes, financial transactions can even be censored for one reason or another.

Bitcoin is the most viable holistic solution to all of these problems and more. Only by taking money out of the hands of the state through a decentralized, permissionless network can we regain our sovereignty and be responsible for our own prosperity.

My vision is to help create a world where everyone can be a sovereign individual, taking hold of their
own destiny. It’s my belief that Bitcoin can serve as a vehicle for personal and financial freedom, and much more.

It’s been my pleasure over the years to help a growing number of organizations create informative content, edit and review existing content, and serve as a content strategy consultant to make sure they deliver the message of Bitcoin and other finance-related topics to the best of their ability.

For over five years, countless companies have seen their conversions increase, audiences grow, and search engine rankings rise as a result of the high-quality content I’ve helped create.

Fintech companies like SoFi (SOFI), for which I’ve written hundreds of articles, began ranking on the first page of Google for investing and finance-related keywords.

Or Soluna Holdings, Inc. (SLNH), the leading developer of green data centers for batchable computing, for whom I helped author a white paper about batchable computing, energy curtailment, and Bitcoin mining.

Blockworks, one of the biggest media companies in the Bitcoin/blockchain space, has seen increased engagement across the dozens of branded content articles authored by myself and the amazing editors on their team.

During my time as the Los Angeles PR & Marketing Manager for BlockGroup, a start-up blockchain marketing firm, I had the opportunity to manage the social media accounts of several clients. Using Buffer for Business, I was put in charge of handling the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of growing blockchain startups. The social media posts created generated tens of thousands of impressions, dozens of shares and likes, and gained hundreds of new followers in a matter of weeks.

Since then, several companies have hired me as a content strategist, consultant and subject matter expert to help guide their messaging. After having been involved with the technology behind Bitcoin for over ten years now, few in the industry have the same level of expertise and experience.

Whether it’s SEO content, branded content, web content, white papers, newsletters, content strategy or email marketing campaigns, I can help your organization achieve its goals through incredible content that educates and inspires. 

I’m also an award-winning public speaker and published author. One of my books reached the #1 New Release spot in both of its categories on Amazon multiple times.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, playing the guitar, snowboarding, working out or rock climbing.

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My journey to success has been a long one. Professionally, it took me a few years to figure out the whole copywriting and online solopreneur thing. I started out writing for measly rates that amounted to less than minimum wage. But I didn’t care, because the very concept of being paid for doing what I love was so appealing and unbelievable.

I’ll never forget one night in the mid-2000’s being on AOL Instant Messenger (the original texting app) with a friend who told me she had shown her mother a blog post I had written on Myspace (the original social media network). The post was little more than a rant about teenage drama and venting about high school social dynamics. But the words of this friend’s mother stuck with me to this day. In response to the post, she said “this is what you should do with your life.”

I had no idea what she meant by that at the time. And I definitely had no clue how I could ever make that happen. Was my destiny to write long-winded, whiny articles about why people should just get along? How could that be anyone’s calling?

“High-quality copywriting and content marketing requires accurate research, an understanding of the target audience, and the ability to distill complex concepts into more accessible, concise language.” 

– Brian Dean Nibley

Personally, I’ve had some unusual and difficult circumstances come up in my life.

As a young person, I had no self-esteem and could hardly function in the world or form meaningful relationships with others. At one point in my life, I was living at home in my 20’s and the only job I could find was waving a sign on a street corner for minimum wage. I thought “this was it” – life couldn’t ever hold anything more.

Then one day in 2017, I had an epiphany: I could search for jobs that involved writing! This one little thought wound up changing the direction of my whole life. I came across a job writing blogs for a marketing company that helped law firms with SEO content, and the rest is history.

I’m not sure what exactly inspired me to make this change, but I know that reading The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard played a role. 

Today I’m proud to continue helping others with their marketing efforts while spreading the message of Bitcoin – one of peace, prosperity and freedom.

“Why would anyone want to become their own bank? The answer is simple: we can’t trust the commercial banks, the central banks, or Treasury. The events of this decade so far alone have proven that.”

– Brian Dean Nibley


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