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About Me

 I help companies build their brand, increase leads, and expand their online presence.

I write about cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, and technology, and it’s the greatest.


Let me tell you a little story from early on in my career.

In 2018, a new conference called San Francisco Blockchain Week wanted to be the biggest blockchain conference on the West Coast. They had a variety of tools for this, but they needed my help with writing SEO blog posts. The goal was to drive traffic to a blog about the event, which was on a website where visitors could buy tickets.

I began researching keywords that were being searched for by the kind of people who might be interested in attending a conference about blockchain technology, creating engaging blog posts around those keywords, crafting enticing headlines for the posts, and sharing them on social media with relevant hashtags.

I also interviewed some of the people who were scheduled to speak at the event over the phone or by email. I would incorporate these conversations into some of the articles, lending them authority and adding a call to action for readers to attend the event and listen to this person speak.

The result was that from the time I began working with the brand, after just three weeks, their website traffic began growing exponentially – doubling every week right up until the event itself. This continued for about five weeks, and on week six, I received an email from the person who hired me. The tagline was “a cool opportunity.”

The event had sold out. There would be 4,000 people in attendance and hundreds of speakers. I had been asked to be the official VIP on-site writer for the event, which wound up being the largest blockchain conference on the West Coast. Within 48 hours of receiving that email, I was on a plane to San Francisco.

That’s just one of my many journeys through the world of cryptocurrency content marketing.

During my time as the Los Angeles PR & Marketing Manager for BlockGroup, a start-up blockchain marketing firm, I had the opportunity to manage the social media accounts of several clients. Using Buffer for Business, I was put in charge of handling the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of growing blockchain startups. The social media posts created generated tens of thousands of impressions, dozens of shares and likes, and gained hundreds of new followers in a matter of weeks.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to write for publications like The Balance, Business Insider, and Blockworks. Whether it’s SEO content, branded content, white papers, newsletters, or email marketing campaigns, I can help your organization achieve its goals through incredible content that educates and inspires. 

I’m also an award-winning public speaker and published author. One of my books reached the #1 New Release spot in both of its categories on Amazon multiple times.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, playing the guitar, snowboarding, or training to become the next American Ninja Warrior.


Like what you’re reading?


Brian is a very talented writer. I oversaw him for over a year and personally witnessed the positive feedback we received from dozens of clients in response to his copywriting on a wide variety of subjects. —Hannah Darling, Senior Content Director at Express Writers

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