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The Spells of Secret Societies: How Secret Societies Target and Indoctrinate the Innocent

Secret societies are real. The modern secret society uses subtle methods of indoctrination to lure unsuspecting people into the grasp of a specific ideology that seems positive yet has sinister roots. The society will claim to know the secret to success and present itself as a simple self-help organization. Author Brian Nibley spent three years in a secret society that promises its members remarkable health, wealth, love, and happiness. Upon leaving the group, he instantly became aware of the fact that there was far more to the story than meets the eye. After years of thorough examination and research, it became clear that something strange was afoot. In this Amazon #1 New Release book, you’ll discover a world you may not have believed existed, hear a first-hand account of what it’s like to be in a group referred to as a secret society, and learn how anyone could be vulnerable to such influence under the right conditions. Published in December 2019, The Spells of Secret Societies predicted that the state of the world would soon enter a period of great turmoil and chaos. While mostly centered on the details of one group in particular, the book also examines the influence of secret societies on civilization as a whole and why this topic has been largely brushed off as unserious and unreal.

“Presidents, Politicians, and Religious Leaders who may seem to be extremely powerful, may not have as much as they appear to have. Mr. Nibley’s unique experience helps to shed some light on who and what may be really pulling the strings. If you have ever been curious about this, you will not be able to put down this book.”

-David Lastinger

“This is a quick-read, and Nibley has effectively filled 71 pages. For me, the most significant takeaways: -Anyone in a vulnerable frame of mind can be irreversibly influenced -The sinister, self-serving motives of secret societies are dangerously influential on a broader scale than any of us might realize. Nibley’s use of personal experience (having broken free from a secret society) is certainly compelling.” 

– Just The Four Of Us

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