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DAppstore Creator Decenternet’s Spyce Token to be Listed on BW Exchange November 22nd

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Decenternet, the creator of the dAppstore, has announced the launch of its token called “Spyce.” Spyce is scheduled for listing on the BW exchange beginning November 22nd, 2019.

Here we’ll give you a quick overview of Decenternet, the dAppstore, the Osiris browser, and the Spyce token. Spyce is likely to be an excellent crypto investment, as it amounts to placing a call option on the coming decentralized internet.

Decenternet – Web 3.0

The goal of Decenternet is to create a decentralized internet.

To this end, several working products are already in place, including a new web browser designed for the new internet, a decentralized application store, and a wallet with an accompanying token. All three have been integrated into a single platform.

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