Somehow, privacy has become somewhat of a controversial concept in recent years.

Some people say if you have nothing to hide, then privacy should be of no concern to you. But can the issue be reduced to such a binary perspective?

As journalist Glenn Greenwald explains in the Ted Talk below, privacy is an important and fundamental right for everyone. He poses a simple question to those who proclaim that privacy concerns are only for the paranoid.

He asks them for usernames and passwords to all of their email accounts.

Of course, no one ever agrees to this. And yet, many people have no problem with websites tracking their browsing habits with cookies, search engines logging their searches, email clients archiving their messages, and intelligence agencies collecting and storing almost every piece of virtual information available.

We won’t dive into the ethical, legal, or political implications of privacy concerns here. But we will discuss one piece of software putting browsing back into the hands of users via blockchain technology.

Brave is a browser unlike any other.

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