The Missing Piece of a Sustainable Grid: Modular Data Centers

The computing accomplished by data centers has become
an indispensable part of modern society. The energy
requirements and efficiency of large-scale computing in
its current form provide a challenge on at least two fronts:

  1. They struggle to
    adapt to the use of
    renewable energy
  2. They were designed
    for processing data
    in terms of a web 2.0
    model, which can create
    unnecessary waste.

We propose a solution in the form of modular data
centers (MDCs). Shifting to a batch processing computing
model more suited to web 3.0 allows for greater flexibility
in power grids, the efficient integration of renewable
energy sources at scale, and a reduction in overall waste
or “digital exhaust.”

Read the full white paper on the Soluna website here:


Posted on

April 26, 2023

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