• BitPay needed a new freelance crypto SEO writer to add to their marketing team.
  • They hired Brian Nibley.
  • Brian worked on several pieces of content for them, creating long-form articles based on briefs developed by Morgan Tombler.
  • The result has been BitPay ranking on the first page of SERPs for several notable crypto-related search terms. In some cases, BitPay even holds the #1 spot on Google.

BitPay’s SEO Transformation: A Case Study of Strategic Content and First-Page Results

When BitPay, a leading player in the cryptocurrency payment space, found itself in need of a new freelance crypto SEO writer to enhance its marketing team’s capabilities, they turned to the expertise of Brian Nibley from BDN Content. This case study delves into the strategic partnership between BitPay and Brian Nibley, the innovative content strategies employed, and the subsequent surge in SEO performance that propelled BitPay to the forefront of search engine results pages (SERPs) for critical crypto-related terms.

The Challenge: Elevating BitPay’s SEO Game

BitPay’s quest for an authoritative and engaging voice in the crypto sphere led them to the LinkedIn profile of Brian Nibley, a seasoned copywriter with a penchant for Bitcoin, finance, and strategic content creation. The need was clear: to cut through the noise of a saturated market and establish a commanding online presence.

The Solution: Hiring an Expert in Crypto SEO Writing

Understanding the pivotal role of high-quality content in driving SEO, BitPay enlisted Brian Nibley to craft compelling long-form articles. These pieces were designed based on briefs developed by Morgan Tombler, ensuring that every article resonated with BitPay’s target audience while also satisfying the algorithms of search engines.

The Process: Crafting Content That Educates and Inspires

Brian Nibley’s approach was twofold: to educate potential clients on the intricacies of cryptocurrency transactions and to inspire confidence in BitPay’s platform. By weaving together narrative-driven content that highlighted the innovative aspects of BitPay’s services with persuasive calls-to-action, the content struck a chord with readers and search engines alike.

The Impact: Ranking on the First Page of SERPs

The collaboration proved successful, with BitPay’s targeted keywords climbing the ranks and securing a spot on the first page of SERPs for several notable crypto-related search terms. This achievement not only enhanced BitPay’s visibility but also underscored the strategic value of partnering with a copywriter who brings both expertise and an innovative edge to the table.

As seen above, BitPay ranks at the #1 spot on Google for the term “Bitcoin nodes demystified,” as of April 2024.

BitPay also ranks at the #3 spot for the term “What is Bitcoin dominance,” as seen below, as of April 2024.

Client Testimonial: A Positive Review from Morgan Tombler, SEO Manager at BitPay

Conclusion: The Strategic Alliance for SEO Excellence

This case study illustrates the power of strategic content creation in the realm of SEO. BitPay’s decision to hire Brian Nibley from BDN Content has not only resulted in first-page rankings but has also set a benchmark for others in the fintech and finance niches seeking to elevate their SEO game.

For those looking to replicate BitPay’s SEO success, remember that the key lies in selecting a copywriter who understands Bitcoin and crypto, can increase conversions, and consistently delivers high-quality content that educates and inspires. With these elements in place, the first page of Google is not just an aspiration—it’s an achievable milestone.

Interested in a partnership? Contact Brian at Brian@bdncontent.com or on Instagram and Twitter @bdncontent.